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Silent Hunter Knaldempers het beide op die baan en in die jagveld hulleself bewys. Met hulle hoë kwalieit staal knaldempers
en netjiese afwerking hou hulle skuts in die veld en op die baan gelukkig. Hoewel hulle van staal vervaardig word, is hulle
ligter as die meeste staal knaldempers in hulle klas (450g-620g). Dit help egter om loopwip tot 'n groot mate teë te werk,
wat weer baie beter groepering tot gevolg het.

These Silent Hunter Suppressors' characteristics are a great reduction in muzzle blast as well as much
less felt recoil (as is expected from a quality suppressor). 

They are available in:

.22 LR/ PCP - Hunting Buddy                                                                                                                             R1200-00

Hunt Buddy - A light and relatively short suppressor suitable for maneuvering through the bush.              R1200-00

Silent Hunter Std - Standard length suppressor, suitable for both hunting and range work.                        R1650-00

Reflex - Reflex suppressor, which pushes back +-80mm over the barrel. Excels both at the range and in the hunting fields              R2400-00

Delivery - Postnet-Postnet:                                                                                                                              R99-00

                                                          -Courier @ your Door:                                                                                                                     R150-00

  silent voorbeeld 1

Thread spec is mostly 1mm pitch, but custom thread can be ordered. Nevertheless, NO COARSE THREAD WILL BE CUT
because that leads to  poor silencer alignment.

Vul asb die vorm hier onder volledig in en stuur aan ons.

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